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Bulbine bulbosa. The Atlas of Florida Plants provides a source of information for the distribution of plants within the state and taxonomic information. This aloe-like plant likes full sun, but a little shade is OK. A slow grower, its low spreading clumps reach 12 inches in height and about 18 inches wide. Yellow Stalked Bulbine is a fine choice for the garden, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor pots and containers. Our Plant List contains over 1200 species of native plants that the nursery has stocked within the past 12 months. unidentified mix Bulbine succulenta Bulbine tetraphylla Bulbine torta Bulbine vitalifolia Bulbine has two color variations, Hallmark orange and pale yellow. Densely tufted herbaceous perennial. Bulbine is a genus of plants in the family Asphodelaceae and subfamily Asphodeloideae, named for the bulb-shaped tuber of many species. It grows up to 0.5 metres tall in moist to well drained soils in full sun to semi shade and is frost tolerant. Species Name Acacia buxifolia Acacia dawsonii Acacia dealbata Acacia ... Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine glauca Bursaria spinosa Callistemon citrinus Callitris endlicheri Callitris glaucophylla Calotis lappulacea Carex … Native Plant Sale. Most of the seeds in our Germination Guide have been offered from time to time in our annual Seed Exchange (Seedex). The Tillandsia Bulbosa truly is a dark beauty of an air plant. Find Australian Native Seeds. It is a densely tufted perennial herb reaching 75cm. Each plant produces two or more inflorescences that feature small, yellow, fragrant, star-shaped flowers. It features lovely tendrils that are a gorgeous shade of deep green that appear to move and wave as you admire it. Bulbine plants (Bulbine spp. Golden Lily. Bulbine glauca or the Rock Lilly is a native, tufted perennial plant with thick and fleshy roots and flowers that are produced on spikes which usually develop after rain. Genus Bulbine are clump-forming, mostly evergreen perennials or shrubs, sometimes rather succulent, with narrow leaves and starry orange, yellow or white flowers in terminal racemes Details B. frutescens is a rhizomatous perennial forming wide-spreading dense clumps of … Summer deciduous. Moist, well drained soils. 1: Home 2: Introduction 3: Picture Galleries 4: Cultivation & Trials 5: Edible Succulent Plants 6: Seeds, Sale and Care Current page is 6.1: Seed Kits for Sale 6.2: General Seeds for Sale 6.3: Seed Raising and Care 7: Live Plants for Sale 8: Media & Presentations 9: Events Calendar 10: News & Articles 12: Book and Magazine Shop 13: Book Reviews & Comments Bulbine grown in a tight clump (12”) with light green succulent leaves (6”). Because of its spreading habit of growth, it is ideally suited for use as a 'spiller' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination; plant it near the edges where it can spill gracefully over the pot. We stock a large range of grasses, rushes, sedges, wildflowers, small and large shrubs and tree seedlings. At Sydney Wildflower Nursery, we do our best to offer you the largest range of Australian native plants. Some have said that it resemble a sea creature with It was formerly placed in the Liliaceae. Average no. Bulbine bulbosa Common Name: Bulbine Lily Size: 0.2-0.6m Tall * 30cm Wide Requirements: Full to partial sun. Plants available for Plant sale 2020 *Some species in strictly limited QTY will have a 3 per person limit. Bulbine Lily, Native Leek. The Tillandsia Bulbosa is a beautiful addition to any home or office. Duboisia hopwoodii is a member of the Solanaceae family, native to most inland areas of all states and territories of Australia, except Tasmania and the ACT. Small tufted perennial herb. It looks a lot better than my dodgy picture shows.. The distribution of B. bulbosa extends through temperate Australia from … Thick roots and succulent strap like leaves. The Australian Aborigine used the bulb for food. Its flowers are on stems reaching 18” high. Botanical name (genus and/or species), common name, code number, abbreviations. Under the stalk and soft long leaves of the Bulbine Lily is a plump, round, sweet-tasting corm with many thick roots radiating from it. Bulbine bulbosa. Bushland Flora is an Australian native wholesale plant nursery supplying native plants that are drought tolerant, adaptable and hardy to Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, South Australia and Tasmania. Grevillea 'Flamingo' Grevillea 'Flamingo' Upright Grevillea Fairhill Native Plants Upright Grevillea Fairhill Native Plants. Bulbine Bulbine frutescens ‘Hallmark’ Plant Description: Bulbine’s succulent, grass-like foliage forms a clump and provides a nice texture contrast when surrounded by other plants. Navigation. Prices for common species – $45 per tray of 40 (single species) – $40 per tray 5 trays and over – Single plants $2 – $2.50 each (all prices include GST) When ordering, please choose how many trays you would like. In the wild, plants are found growing in conspicuous colonies. You’ll find this native vegetable in dry sclerophyll forests, Red Gum woodlands, and … It makes a great groundcover since bulbine grows over time, forming an impressive clump that can reach 4 feet wide. Botanical name: Bulbine bulbosa. Bulbine bulbosa is a native member of the Asphodelaceae family, Native Leek extends through temperate Australia from central Queensland to Tasmania and South Australia. Ideal to add interest amongst grasses and other plants, or in containers. We have a range of local native plants available for purchase including Bulbine Lilies, Chocolate Lilies, Yam Daisies, Paper Daisies, native tussock grasses and more. This succulent plant is fast growing and has long flesh leaves and clasping stems. It has fleshy succulent leaves and lovely yellow flowers which is the reason I grow it. The website also provides access to a database and images of herbarium specimens found at the University of South Florida and other herbaria. Bulbine bulbosa common names including Bulbine Lily, Wild Onion, Golden Lily, Leek Lily, Yellow Onion Weed and Native Leek.. B. bulbosa is a densely tufted perennial herb reaching 75cm. Available Stock Trees Shrubs Grasses/Sedges Herbs Groundcovers & Climbers Trees Eucalyptus spp. Distribution This plant is indigenous to South Africa. It is found chiefly in Southern Africa, with a few species extending into tropical Africa and a few others in Australia and Yemen.. Bulbine is a genus of succulent plants with flowers borne in lax or compound racemes. Bulbine has become a popular plant in frost-free regions because it is drought tolerant, grows well in poor soils, and blooms repeatedly with cheerful yellow and orange flowers. Plants are seasonal and are only stocked at certain times of the year. This clumping succulent perennial takes sun or light shade and is perfect in rock gardens, containers, or as a bank or groundcover. The species reaches 2 feet tall when flowering and has a 3-4 foot spread. Seeds per Gram: Viability Period: Dormancy: Treatment: Days From First to Last Germination at 25 Degrees: Direct Seeding Larger plants at various prices. Family: Asphodelaceae. Bulbine bulbosa Native Leek Native from Eastern Australia Reaches up to 75 centimeters tall, often growing in dense colonies Fragrant, yellow, starshaped ..., 1233661363 The leaves are basal, succulent, narrow, 30cm long and onion-like. good pot-rock gdn. Search online; Browse our seed list; Download our catalogue A really interesting looking native normally found in the cooler moister shadier patches of the Australian bush. Bulbine frutescens (formerly Bulbine caulescens) - Yellow BulbineTall, airy blooms of bright yellow float over fleshy, grass-like foliage throughout most of the year. Fragrant flowers and is a great alternative to daffodils. Traditionally, the corm can be eaten all year round and was probably cooked first. Bulbine Glauca Rock Lily Native Leek Seeds. Name: Bulbine bulbosa Common name: Bulbine lily Minimum: 5 plants Mature height: 30 cm ^ Pot size: 40mm tube * Bush foods $2.00-$4.00 each per 50mm tube. Common Name: BULBINE LILY ( ) Quantity of Trays: PLEASE NOTE: Orders are by full tray only. Bulbine Frutescens also known as snake flower or burn jelly plant is a popular flowering plant ideal for the water-wise garden. Each tray contains 40 plants. Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine bulbosa. Grevilleas Grevilleas. Localities: Common throughout Maroondah, the Shire of Yarra Ranges and Manningham. Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine capitata Bulbine cepacea Bulbine diphylla aff Bulbine favosa Bulbine favosa dwarf form Loskop Dam Bulbine frutescens ... Bulbine sp. Bulbine spp. Get your garden ready for spring! Growing Bulbine flowers are a good accent for a flower bed or a mixed container. ), with star-shaped blooms in yellow or orange, are tender perennials that add wispy color during the spring and summer.In warmer zones, Bulbine plants bloom throughout the year. Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark' (Orange Stalked Bulbine) - A succulent groundcover from the southern coast of South Africa north to Mozambique. Description. Native Leek Fairhill Native Plants Native Leek Fairhill Native Plants. yellow fl. The cultivar ‘Hallmark’ is smaller and tidier, It has narrow fleshy bright green foot-long leaves arranged in opposite rows to form an open rosettes to 18 inches tall and spreads by rhizomes to create 2 … Prices $1.30-$2.50 each per 50mm tube (discounts available for larger orders). Native Leek Lily – Bulbine bulbosa copyright David Lochlin. unident. Bulbine bulbosa This cheery yellow lily is a tufted perennial herb with a bulb like tuber, hollow fleshy onion-like leaves and spikes of fragrant yellow flowers. Uses. It is frost hardy but drought tender. Native Leek (also known as bulbine lily, wild onion and golden lily) is an attractive perennial producing edible seeds, roots and below-ground corms that are a tasty bushfood in Wurundjeri culture. Packet of 40+ home grown organic seeds!

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