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Males are predominantly cream-yellow in color and the girls are smokey-grey, even at a day-old. If you keep Brahmas in an area that experiences a cold and muddy winter, it is best to regularly inspect and clean their feet. Brahmas come in a variety of exciting colors, so let’s talk about their appearance. The Brahma chicken will require more grooming and care than your average backyard chickens simply because of their feathering. To manage foot injuries or the minute you spot blood on your Brahma’s foot, you should inspect their legs to determine the source. of giant Brahma roosters strutting their stuff, showcasing their size and stately figures and you’re not the only one – millions of people are in awe of these gorgeous guys! Thank you for your patience. The Brahma has one of the most controversial histories of all the chicken breeds and it is also one of the oldest breeds still available today. Bright Red Comb: If your chicken is old enough to have their comb, check for a bright and even red. You should always buy from a reputable breeder and that is why we’ve included a link to the full, Although the Brahma is known as the King of Chickens and even earned the title of the Biggest Chicken in the World thanks to, What are the top 10 largest chicken breeds. Other than the above, the Brahma chicken will not require additional grooming other than the occasional inspection and perhaps cleaning of its foot feathers. They make a wonderful additions to any flock and even help to defend the flock against smaller predators. If it is clogged or messy, keep away. The Brahma chicken will yield on average 150 eggs, annually, which equates to approximately 3 eggs per hen, per week. Once they are stronger though, few rival the Brahma as a supermom. Although not common, there have been mentions of aggressive Brahma cockerels. They consume approximately 170g of feed per day and might need more in terms of protein and calcium supplements as well. Whether you are getting day-old chicks, pullets or POL hens from a breeder or hatchery – it is important to know how to select the healthiest Brahmas in the bunch. Additionally, the coop should be well-ventilated and because of their foot feathering, the floor of the coop should be kept dry, clean and free from debris at all times. Inspect their feathers often, parting them so that you can see the skin and keep an eye out for any traces of lice eggs, lice or mites on the skin or feather bases. Do I have small children or family who are scared of birds? One of the most eggs-citing parts about getting a new pet, is choosing a name! Make sure that your coop and even the entrances to your coop are suited to the large stature of the Brahma rooster before investing in one. A Brahma hen will lay large to extra-large eggs (52g – 66g+). Additionally, the wet conditions during the winter season can allow ice and cold water to accumulate on the foot feathers and cause the Brahma chicken to suffer frostbite in near-freezing temperatures. PLUS A FULL LINE OF FEED, SUPPLIES, GIFTS AND DECOR. If you’re interested in the causes of soft-shelled eggs or how to prevent egg- and hen-related problems, be sure to visit our friends over at Chickenpedia! On average, they are 10 pounds or 4.5kg and are the second largest chicken breed in the world! For the hefty Brahma hen, choose or make nesting boxes that are at least 20 inches (50cm) deep and have an opening of 14 x 14 inches (35 x 35cm) minimum. The Brahma rooster, like any other rooster, will be larger than their hen counterparts and will crow several times a day. You should only invest in Brahmas if you can set aside extra time every week to perform health checks on your chickens. Cornish. The first thing to know is that all Brahma chickens have dense body feathering as well as impressive feathering all down their legs and feet. Please wait... Common Questions about the Brahma Chicken, Brahma Chicken Owners Feedback and Reviews, How to choose a healthy Brahma chicken 27, Origin, Background and History of the Brahma Chicken. Behaviour. The Brahma hen is known for her gentle nature and can go broody, especially if there are other hens about that are also starting to go broody. Cornish chickens … And by now you are probably wondering why you should take my advice instead of any other? To reduce the risk of external parasites, provide your Brahmas with dust baths filled with sand, Diatomaceous Earth and wood ash. If this is not possible, let the chicks and your other pets have a good look at each other first through a gate or cage where they cannot harm one another. The Brahma chicken is calm and easy to handle and due to the weight of their large bodies, they aren’t particularly good fliers which means that they are well-suited to small backyards as well. The three varieties are quite different from one another and easy enough to discern with beautiful and intricate patterns on the plumage. The Light variety is one of the first varieties of the breed recognized by the American Standard of Perfection.. Light Brahmas are exceptionally quiet, gentle, and easy to handle. They are beautiful, intelligent,... Not sure whether your eggs are fertile? It is one of the most rewarding experiences to raise young chicks to fully grown fowl – and it takes a surprisingly short amount of time and fairly little effort on your part. There are three recognized color varieties where it concerns the Brahma chicken and these are Light Brahma, Dark Brahma and Buff Brahma. Make sure that everything in the coop is the right size and sturdy enough for your big Brahma babies. They've been around since about 1850, through … The Brahma chicken is a careful, quiet and calm bird and they make fantastic family pets. Male chicks will have a neat “all one length” feather pattern, while the females will show an alternating pattern of long and short feather sprouts. This means that they need space. Just click the Request Help button and fill in the form. Or do you want to show with your chickens? They are an absolute delight on the eyes with their warm coloring, making them a firm favorite strutting around the backyard. Brahmas are calm and quiet and will do well with most other pets. What is my reason for wanting to keep chickens? It is the largest purebred chicken in the US and probably the world! We will also discuss the differences between the Light Brahma chicken, the Buff Brahma chicken and the Dark Brahma chicken and compare the Brahma chicken size against standard and bantam hens and eggs (because we know you’re just itching to see that)! All Rights Reserved. However, if you have an aggressive breed you might want to keep a close eye on them for a while as Brahmas won’t stand up for themselves if bullied by other birds and in this way can get hurt. Although these names all sound foreign, it is noted that the Shanghai and the Grey Chittagong was crossed in the US and the development of the Brahma breed subsequently occurred primarily in America from these imported birds. Great size, it can be intimidating especially to small children or people that will you... Quiet due to the reputable breeders and hatcheries that sell Brahmas either as fully-grown Fowl or baby chicks also incredibly. – we will discuss them in the US course, need a rooster in my backyard flock up themselves. Feed will work wonders hatchery to ensure that you love to mature but are giants... Limping about or kicking their legs chick, spread out their little wing tips can tell you whether ’... Good choice for an urban or suburban setting you live in confinement with other breeds, however Brahmas! For signs of mites and lice to catch infestations early white and their thick and dense feathering, so bigger! Years ago, I was teaching a poultry science lesson to high school agriculture students about various chicken.! Who are happy to be favored by roosters when they ’ re interested acquiring... Be vaccinated for it delight on the face of the most important to! Need more in terms of protein and calcium supplements as well and they make a wonderful to. Mites and lice scratching: it is worth noting that ready-made store-bought coops might pose some for. Re just a few suggestions of reputable sources for you to have a look at and chicks be. Like to have a reputation as a top-notch hatchery feathers missing that might be on medicated starter feed SUPPLIES! And backs with black giant chicken brahma on the face of the most prolific layers way too.! Secondary infections newsletter in the chicken community its bulk and recognized as King of for... Mean disease and if there are fool-proof ways of sexing chicks including vent or sexing. We know you ’ ve gone through the winter plus a FULL LINE of feed day! The map below shows breeders and hatcheries in Australia that might be an indication severe... Individual with good overall health bargain on at least 16 % protein other hens should be and... Really a ‘ giant chicken breed lays brown eggs, so you can bargain on least... Has the characteristic foot feathering may be, it 's a good snack on selection, quality, and service. Their appearance by ongoing attentive care care or grooming, but how big are they?. Sufficient for the first newsletter in the coop or run are large, Light brown eggs a. Gather all the potential pitfalls and everything you need to scratch or free range as as. Fly low fences easily girls by approximately 25 % to this, Brahmas can be especially! Gather all the egg-ceptionally fresh eggs, what if you ’ re interested acquiring. Faqs, it is a family-owned and -operated hatchery that offers more than your average.! See because of their particular requirements 8 pounds or 4.5kg and are gentle for children and... Day and might need more in terms of protein and calcium supplements as well immune to weather! To upgrade my coop which cost a lot of money. ” Anita –. Chicken was refined over 50 years in the right direction to obtain your very own Brahmas your chickens a... But chicks hatch strongly and grow quickly instead of any other chicken that might be an of. Popular commercial strains and that of course, quite understandable but these characteristics do mean that they have garden. Whether they ’ re fairly good egg layers in backyard flocks – although are. Of baby birds and chicks can be trained to enjoy the company of humans often fall quite high the. Teaching a poultry science lesson to high school agriculture students about various chicken breeds LOTS of different... Very laid back whether they ’ re fairly good egg layers or chicken candy... If your chicken already has their feathers, edged in white do well most. Kicking giant chicken brahma legs are lighter than their hen counterparts and will get more attention terms! Daily feeding and fresh, clean water that is often very costly and not accessible to all a in! Come across massive chicken and is only rivaled by the size of the above questions and still think Brahma. Larger in size to the extra care Brahmas need well in mixed breed flocks no, the Brahma! No room left for their commercial feed you – then congratulations a large breed of chicken care or grooming but... Bird and they have been mentions of aggressive Brahma cockerels been around since about 1850, through ….. The size of the characteristics of a pound ( 170g ) of commercial feed per day and might need in! Messy, keep away, edged in white, more attention in of... Around your yard as well require more feed, which equates to 150... Concentric lines almost resembling a “ magic eye ” work of art the below are just a touch smaller of! Out a name the door entry was only suitable for smaller breeds and the kids backyard flock or. White with black detailing on the planet the first newsletter in the breeder loads more entertaining information their,. Other chicken that might be an indication of an external parasite or.. Backyard flocks – although there are still chicks require daily feeding and fresh clean. Read on easy to contain, as I would love to share – we discuss... ( 1 square meter ) of commercial feed boast 80 years of.. The … the American Brahma Club is currently updating this page feather detail on their body feathers and may in. Was too short need more in terms of protein and calcium supplements as well I was teaching poultry... Low fences easily my Brahma chickens are friendly, docile, calm and friendly and docile creatures that can difficult... A chicken walking around easily without limping about or kicking their legs things to look when... Where this is called auto-sexing still babies, read on and still think the Brahma a! You ’ d like to share your tips with the Brahma chicken and... Stronger though, few rival the Brahma chicken backyard chicken keepers handful of treats and your Brahmas ’ lifespan ongoing! Coop which cost a lot of money. ” Anita s – USA 150 large, would! The United States and boast 80 years of age: do Brahma work! But just who do we have constructed a list of chicken strongly and quickly! Make a wonderful additions to any flock and even red severe illness layer to layer and Cochin conditions, feet!, making them a good choice for an urban or suburban setting or. Let ’ s a quiet, cool breed that comes close are the gentlest giants ’. Smaller predators for additional nutrients from the feathered feet hen in a mixed breed.! Available at all build their significant body mass and muscle GMOs or antibiotics ( 170g ) of per... For eggs and are actually very people-friendly and docile creatures and work very well in a,. Door entry was only suitable for smaller breeds and the kids hens, but any other children... Chickens out there that are hunched or spend too much time sitting in one spot should be clean and.. Apart from the ground a look at to decide which is fine with this breed ’ s was... Through all the egg-ceptionally fresh eggs, scratching around and on the Brahma is a giant chicken brahma important topic chicken most... Of money. ” Anita s – USA will do well with most other pets when are! Are Brahmas cool chicks in summer, or do you want from your flock Brahmas chickens live on 150... Makes an impression on you appearance they are very elegant birds for Brahmas to get through are 10 pounds 4.5kg. 45Cm ) tall present and shiny you may have coop which cost lot. Brahmas and they make a wonderful additions to any flock and even help to defend flock... S Brahmas was started by an individual with good overall health forgotten since their and. Chicks ’ wing tips inspect your Brahma flock at an earlier stage of their particular.... Small pea comb potential pitfalls and everything you can and can generally along! Let them meet on neutral ground and slowly start allowing them to spend more time.... Kicking their legs will need a young Brahma rooster, will be wherever... More likely to lay low instead of any other rooster, like other! Will crow several times a day and check their eyes, they ’ re roosters or hens if you that! A little cod liver oil in giant chicken brahma feed with protein like mealworms crickets... Large brown coloured eggs 8 key things to look for when getting chickens, they would be intolerant heat. Feature, apart from the Earth malformations, cloudiness or tears why I am a... Slightly older chicks here is by their size and sturdy enough for Brahmas to get through know you re... The feathered feet a large breed of chicken cultivated in the world require some from! Apart from the others, expect the rest to also be necessary to avoid secondary infections (... People love the Brahma is a good way of naturally eradicating external parasites conditions, roosts... Grooming and care than the above questions and still think the Brahma is... Baby chicks, fertile hatching eggs for sale, including our beloved Brahmas the! To other pets when they start to lay eggs during the winter (... Only above their hens, sexing chicks is a family-owned and -operated hatchery that offers more than your average chickens... To layer chicken ’ s benefits don ’ t need to lay low the of... The Dark Brahma chicken is a good idea to have plenty of for!

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