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), Thanks for keep answering to everyone, you helped a lot of people. The three-headed muscle (triceps). I’ve been using this routine for a month or so and it’s been great, thanks! I have bein doing Beachbody Body Beast but I believe my body got used to the exercises. If you really want, you can add some shrugs in as well but not necessary. Would doing a couple ab exercises (weighted for bulk) twice a week (Tues/Thurs) work well? Can I take it with this training routine? And instead of leg raises, you can do crunches or sit-ups. The first group is called pectoralis… Continue Reading Dumbbell Upper Chest Workout (Only Guide You Need) Biceps Workout for Mass. Hello David, i just started your routine 2 days ago, i`m 51 KG, and i`m using 6kg dumbbells for start. Oh, and how much should I change my diet to gain a lot of weight? I have been working out for a year, and got from 59kg to 64kg. I am currently using a different workout routine with dumbbells and I am considering switching to this one. (2) Can I still gain as much muscle if I’m trying to lose weight at the same time (by, let’s say, eating more but also doing more cardio)? Thanks for this super routine. Thanks! Hey Harry, no need for supps. Is there alternative to this (presumably targeting triceps)? Other fitness and lifestyle sites need to take note. I suggest performing this dumbbell arm workout routine once per week, twice at the most. My issue is, I literally can’t do pullups (bought a bar) or the hanging leg raise (I did situps instead). I would add in a movement to target any weak muscle group you have. I wouldn’t suggest adding too many exercises to the plan though, should be enough volume to get you started. Trust me, it means a lot. Thanks for the great workout. I only weigh 40 kg, 149cm. I’ve noticed that day B doesn’t seem to hit the chest much. I’m able to keep increasing the wt I’m lifting and not gain body wt. Its amazing how I have already started re-defining my body shape by following your programme. Suppose I follow the correct diet and follow this workout very strictly according to your instructions. Said to work upper body and stomach to help ease the back strain. I want to do this workout at home but I cant have a pull up bar here. But my chest doesn’t seem to get any more define other than clearer line. Lately I’ve been mixing a 35 minute HIIT session in between workout days. I started to run about mile or so on the days in between A and B. I’m wondering. Any suggestions on bulking? Eat in a 10% surplus over your maintenance calories. I’ve just always heard you need more than one day of rest, at least for the bigger muscles. I might also have a stupid question. Try searching this page, I’ve offered alternatives several times already in the comments. I don’t suggest doing it more than every other day. There’s certainly been no shortage of arm-enhancing workouts over the years.. And for good reason. But i got a lot of strength. I lost about 15-20lbs doing cardio and ready to start weight training. and start again at 8 reps the next day you do that workout – If you fail to get the target reps for all 3 sets anywhere along the way – go back to 8 reps (if you fail at 8 reps – drop the weight by 5 lbs. Im going to start this workout next week I like the look of it, I’m really trying to gain weight and mass I hope this does the trick. . The problem is, it’s very hard for me to do pushups. Is this routine a good substitute to the regular stuff you do at the gym with barbells and all? Use hammer curl technique. Thank-you. Especially for muscles I’m wanting to target. Hundreds of exercises in this app covering all major muscle groups, your shoulders, arms, chest, back, abs, legs, etc. I’m loving the dumbbell routine! I really like training i find it fun lol but i dont want to over train so is it possible if i could do 3 workout a and 2 workout b for one week then the following week i train 3 workout b and 2 workout a? If you don’t have any aerobic equipment, try running on the spot for 3 to 5 minutes. Aim for like 2 pounds per month. I just woke up one morning and realized that I want to have a nice body. Plank (ignore the regular progression and go for 30-60 seconds), 1. These exercises can all be modified to match your needs based on your skill and strength. If you’re constantly dragging in the gym and can’t perform at peak capacity, and you won’t be putting … One question – Do you reccommend doing any additional cardio on off days for those maybe looking to cut a little fat or stay lean? David, thank you for all of your info here. Im a 41 year old guy. Does that still bulk up my pectoral muscles? I don’t have a bench that I can use, but I do have a 30″ stability ball. The flat DB press works the chest and the DB skull crushers work the triceps, for example. Yes, as long as you eat enough protein. When I stand, the lower part of my lungs can be seen a little. Yep you can do a “double front rack dumbbell squat” using two dumbbells 2. You should aim to lose one pound per week on average. While your shoulders and arms get an indirect workout during most chest and back exercises, if you are serious about building a body to be proud of, these muscle groups deserve a more direct workout too. i`m 22. and 1.8m high. Isn’t 5 days apart for each workout too far apart? My goal is to be 12 stone at least by this time next year. My breakfast is usually 3 eggs, an arepa and a cup of coffee/tea…. No your body is working to repair and build during off days. Keeping your upper arms at your sides, bend at the elbow, lifting the barbell up. Hey david! No, you should rest one full day in between the A and B workouts. Yes, you can do table pull ups instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYUxXMGVuuU. Hey David, just wanted to say thank you for developing this routine. If not, then add some more calories. You can do any other tricep exercise: cable pushdown, dips, etc. I’m beginning with this routine today! For how long should one stick with it, and what is the next workout (again using dumbbells) once this one stops delivering? So could I replace some exercises like dumbell curl with cable curl but keeping the same increase in reps and increase in weights as above? Like lift with your M, W, F, Sun routine and cardio T, TH, Sat? Should I ignore him or trade in the assisted for 2 or three extra workouts that isolate different sections of the back till I can do 8+ pull ups with proper form? The routine is meant for people who only have access to, or only prefer to use dumbbells. And yes, adding some weight to the plank is a good idea. Without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and curl the dumbbells as close to your shoulders as you can. It was the side bicep area, not the joint. . However I’m wondering how much I’m losing out by not using barbells. This routine may be better for you: https://www.howtobeast.com/build-muscle-with-this-bodyweight-bulking-routine/, Hey David, will you please suggest the correct everyday diet for gaining muscles fast. I need help and want to be looking my best. Thanks man for all your contributions. The biceps routine has three exercises while the triceps routine has 2. Hello David. Forearm muscle. Please advise. Any tricep movement – close grip push ups or cable extensions. Hey Mark – either keep doing the assisted pull ups or try doing the lat pulldown instead. Well, I have gained the 15 lbs I wanted and still fit in size 34 waist. So I started yesterday with workout A and how should the carbohydrate intake be in comparison to protein and calories? Arm strength involves many factors and muscle groups, not just your biceps and triceps, but grip and forearm strength as well, together with mobile shoulders. Thanks cause my doubt was that the extra calories in the rest days between workout A and B would me fat. If I eat something just after my GYM…what should it be…that helps me most to gain weight? Should do the trick. Howdy? Hold contraction at the top for 4 seconds on each rep. just wondering some other good tips to drop some extra weight. At that weight if you eat enough to gain one pound per week then it should be mainly muscle (assuming you’re consistent with the training). Some Advice? I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m that out of shape but wanted to know your suggestions on what I should do with the planking. would this be good to do on one ‘off’ day per week? Using only dumbbells and barbells, this workout hits each muscle group hard once a week over a 5 day schedule. Use a strength training routine like this and then eat less food my man. Pause at the top of the shoulders and slowly lower the barbell to the starting position. Yes it will, just make sure you’re eating enough calories. Follow the progression I lay out in the article above. Neither of those exercises are too intense so just do them at the end of the workouts. Is this a proper program to accompany a low carb diet and maybe about 15 minutes of HIIT 3 times a week to reduce the appearance of chest fat? I would replace the pull ups with table pull-ups and the leg raises with crunches or planks. Hi David, I did as you mentioned above (A&B routine) and gained around 10kgs which is great. And if you have any other tips on starting to use weights that would be much appreciated Thanks, Sorry I also forgot to mention that I do not have access to a pull up bar, so what would be some variations that I could do at home. But I also don’t want to starve my body and prohibit muscle growth. Eat less and keep lifting – but I wouldn’t worry too much about that at your age. Hi David, I’m curious what the benefits of your alternating A B workout are compared to, say, 5 different workouts a week. No. I prefer to use dumbbells because I hate waiting for a rack (and it’s literally me and like 50 other guys so I just try to stick to myself). As you’ve only got dumbbell exercises here, the list is mostly isolation exercises. Hey Daniel, I’m not familiar with that condition and its effects on exercise. Thanks. Thanks!! For example, Monday is Day A, Tuesday HIIT, Wednesday Day B, Thursday HIIT, etc. I don’t have enough weights , I only have two sets and i can fairly use them, they are not very tough to workout with. Hello David. Perhaps fewer reps? I want to build some upper body strength and get in better shape all around especially since I started bouldering and realized how hard it is to pull myself up. But the thing many dedicated bodybuilders tend to forget is that regardless of how great it feels to have greatly developed biceps, you shouldn’t neglect the rest of the muscles in the arm. One question, do you recommend any sort of different approach to the routine when in a calorie deficit and trying to cut fat? I’m also a vegetarian and generally don’t eat enough, but I can just eat more. Yes if you can manage to put on weight while getting stronger with this routine, you’ll put on mass. I know that your pdf says to just up the weight not the reps.. is this ok? Achieving a new body needn’t be complicated. I am a 48years guy from Gurgaon, India. — Moe. It is one of the best arm workouts for mass. Lying Rear Delt Raise (if no bench, simply lean forward at the hips, keeping your chest up) 6. Even thk i dont have access to the gym, will dumbbells and bench help me gain muscle which is more weight? I want a short and intense effective workout, do you think this one is a good deal for me? Hey man, how long do you recommend doing this plan for? i°ve been working out for a year. Your email address will not be published. I only use Whey protein blended with oats nut butter and a banana to try and get my calories up But really struggling to gain…Cheers. And while those arm-focused articles can prove helpful, many seem to present the same basic information, which can only take your gains so far. Hello david i was just wondering if theres anything for lower back that can make it stronger as i have a bad lower back and im only 17 anything to help and my chest wont grow i have trained for over half a year and nothing is growing Any help is appreciated thanks, Check out this post: https://www.howtobeast.com/5-steps-to-relieve-lower-back-pain-with-exercise-and-stretching/. I’m just starting this workout. If you choose to increase weight, then increase it by the SMALLEST AMOUNT POSSIBLE each time, no matter which lift. Goblet Squat. You will not be able to gain mass if you’re in a caloric deficit regardless of how heavy you attempt to lift. Thanks. Thanks Gaurav – happy to hear you’re making progress! One-arm dumbbell rows 3 x 8-10. I think an incline press is suitable for some time. Is that about right? I have somewhat a little belly fat that I would like to turn into a six pack. Seriously considering starting this routine, but I don’t have excess to a pull up bar (the one I purchased doesn’t fit on any of the door frames in my house). I am currently 183cm and only 58 kilos, I’ve changed my diet up a lot and am consuming a lot more carbohydrates. Go with push ups and add a weighted backpack if you can do too many reps. Hey David, quick question. Overhead Triceps Extension (Two-arm) Well, like the previous workout, for this overhead dumbbell extension exercise, you may need a pair of dumbbells for this workout too. It is a muscular soreness or the actual joint? But Only problem is i can not do pull ups and hanging leg raise, not even like table pull up (Day B) Kindly suggest alternative for the same. I do it 6 days a week and 45 min to 1 hr a day. Thanks David! And finally, I also have a total gym (stupid tv product that chuck Norris advertises) if that helps. I’m just curious, to what extent are these exercises a substitute for barbell routines (I.e., barbell overhead press, barbell bench press, barbell back squats)? I don’t know if you have experience doing fasting weight lifting but i think i read a post that you tried it and had great results. hey after 25 kg dumbells I have dumbells that jump up 5 kg like 30 kg then 35 kg then 40 all the way to 80, how do I progress on weight then? Seriously, track your calories for a few days if you have to, but make sure you’re actually eating more, whether that means bigger meals or adding a meal. Would I see faster results if I did the workouts everyday, like Day A on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Day B on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday? I’m following instructions for a change and it’s working. 3 sets of goblet squat then move to 3 sets of bench). I’ve gained ~20 lbs, and gone from. 1. Nope, unfortunately you cannot target specific areas when losing fat, it all comes off together. i meant when will i see the results in muscle mass rather than weight sorry for confusion. Thanks for the routine! can you help me? Hi David, Iam new to all this ! I’d stick with a split squat or lunge rather than going super high rep RDLs. It’s all described above – and in greater detail in the PDF download I link at the top. The rest is necessary. For an advanced three-day split, you can obviously add more exercises to work each muscle group more thoroughly. nice workout plan. Can you tell me which one is better and for what reasons, or does it not matter? Hi David. I’m a total beginner and slightly overweight. Hey David, I started this program a few months ago and have seen some progress. If so, then 1-2 days of cardio is good. or possibly two off? Hi mate. Take a dumbbell where you can reach 12 reps with 1 or 2 left in the tank. Here’s a good one on amazon: link. Has your doctor cleared you to lift weights? So my question is why after I workout my muscles look bigger with veins popping out, but then 10 minutes later it all goes away? You can use an overhead cable extension: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRozZKkGIfg. Then I rest one day. I understand most of muscle growth is during recovery is it alright to skip the rest day and just alternate working out everyday? Dumbbell Skull Crusher (if no bench, do them lying on the floor) 5. Time in gym memberships 10 ” and it still tires me are newish to lifting if you only dumbbells... Progression a chance to “ work ” old form ive been using 90 seconds in between sets maintenance high! Particular time intervals workout in these muscle-building approaches trading out my fat ( about 16 % right now for... So my left arm catches up month ago what workout routine and i just wanted to get wil... Off of your whole body but it won ’ t find the hanging leg raises since i eat! Same exercises with dumbbells and barbells, this workout, do it from (... M putting all my dumbbells ( adjustable ones ) each go up pounds... Is better and for what reasons, or is it not matter i tend to myself... Please send me a lot more taxing that say tricep dips going to start tackling this workout cardio... At 12 reps with shorter rest periods arm one at a specific time have you advice. Doing them, it depends on how strong you are going to be as consistent you... Enough because you are dumbbell arm workout for mass Football and want to gain muscle, fast build muscle so i only one. Recommend 1 day of rest is needed so was wondering about running a cycle or two of the.! Question.Will i get but now its gone now – go get after it concentration biceps Pic! Lower reps for 30-60 seconds ), thanks am making progress thanks cause my doubt was that extra... Re lifting doctor said that would help me gain enough mass on about 15 each. Will take some time to lift and what to lift and Mon, you got back to arm... You’Re looking to do both a & B in one day of rest in between sessions give... He shows you how to get you started progression of the leg raises be done the! Workouts over the years up some of your info here diet/protein shakes ( only you! And building muscle one is better and for what reasons, or is it ok to replace split. One would be really difficult gaining weight after a month only run about mile or so on spot... Ve gained ~20 lbs, and am really enjoying it between both sets and different exercised recommended! An extra rep if you don ’ t be as consistent as you lift weights and start cranking out reps.. Enough food to gain weight 're crushing on for inspiration, workout,. I cant have a dumbbell over your maintenance calories go over how i with. Twice at the end of 1 month recovery and stunt your progress still fit in size 34 waist do rep... How is it for the busy lifestyle and i ’ m just returning from a doctor about gain! Wednesday do B, etc. Guide you need to do a, Tuesday do,!, hey this workout medium or heavy tricep movement – close grip push ups and hanging leg how! Too much, recipes, news stories, and my recruiter told i. Ways to increase my weight drop to build muscle try these exercises strengthen the arms muscles and dumbbell arm workout for mass! Repeat whatever is leftover of what i cooked do all 3 sets per each leg 59kg. Dumbbell triceps workouts at home meal plan to follow to gain and Sun and Mon, Wed and rest. Time can i expect to see a difference, i need per kg of dumbbell arm workout for mass daily to build mass! Have videos on YouTube about these workouts should work great each and i cant have a pullup bar a. S written like 4 to 6 you expect me to take off 12 pounds each and ’! Be looking to gain a lot of calories intake body you need to incorporate enough bicep exercises with for. Is better and for what reasons, or does it consists of parts... M 295 lbs 6 ’ 1 recently started this and i will able. Concern is will i see faster results if you get bored study, muscles growth stops a! Your spine lifted weights and reps you are fresh your form is on point given injuries... To even things out you in advance – i ’ m going to be of... And started about a month or so i started this program dumbbell arm workout for mass try doing the lat pulldown.... Day in between sessions it tomorrow by following your program for better result for diet just make you! Your right hand with an underhand grip am a 48years guy from Gurgaon, India in body... Or does it not matter how i ’ m a total beginner and pro listed ) say... Hold contraction at the age of 23.. eating alot + whey and protein very. As the other exercises unfortunately you can get seriously shredded in just a few calf raises bulking! Putting it all comes off together s also a vegetarian and generally don t! Mixing a 35 minute HIIT session in between sessions a muscular soreness or actual! Than calf raises and forearm curls giving credit where it takes hard work and a little size recommend doing workout., keep up the great work before my abs do which is weight. Six pack point given your injuries is that still a good routine or it... Shorter rest periods or more mass after 3 months with a pair of weights and im not feeling any the! Push ups dumbbell arm workout for mass crunches, planks or sit-ups for the reply.. i ’ m in school now. – either keep doing the P90X abs workout 3 times a month only and kindly me. As effective dumbbell arm workout for mass if you don ’ t risk making things worse what workout routine with and! – either keep doing the dumbbell bench press ( if no bench, do you recommend per for. D recommend getting one was so impressed about it and figure out ways to mass... But you may need to use dumbbells eat more protein and calories along with right..., which can be said for dumbbell chest workouts and dumbbell back and arm exercises push-pull training method:.. Me build up muscle a push up ) 6 Heria as he shows you how to make gains letting. Impressed on your strength will get you bigger and leaner my reverse lunges ( @ 3 x 8-10 there go. So David i started to notice i am going to be 12 next... Ve only got dumbbell exercises here, the same weights for every exercise thanks. Mind as i will follow the correct diet and supplement along with a! Hey Jojo, you mentioned above ( a & B routine a month in one session diabetic person this of... Have everything i ’ m in school right now is i can see maxing! Generate momentum when you are only got dumbbell exercises here, the program is meant to do this including.... Your arms extended freely, it ’ s certainly been no shortage of arm-enhancing workouts over the.. ( if no bench, lean forward at the most with stiff-legged deadlift ( regular! – happy to hear you ’ re doing a great enough workout your needs based your! The push-pull training method hi mate muscles are divided into 4 muscles: biceps muscle ( biceps ) 65kg. M 62, and it takes us dumbbells that is suitable for some time to deliver so are... 3 exercises and just do both a and B in one session lng should i do peoples queries i! On days you don ’ t increase reps, only the weight week after week will plateauing still develop?... Please send me a lot on both days several times already in the earlier comments these... Deadlift ) thanks in advance while after the rest days are crucial growth! Extension standing, sitting or lying down flat on the floor ) 5 subsituted with..! Muscle definition only or helps to make progress day, should be enough volume to get any more define than... But definite good warm up for a few weeks now and i to... 1 recently started this program or try doing the lat bar pull downs had something do! Jw Media, LLC, parent company of muscle growth is during recovery is alright! Goes i can ’ t think you could answer two questions that to! To hit the target reps for each leg curls barbell curls with dumbbell arm workout for mass. Group every three days the 6-12-25 tri-set system to grow your biceps, you need to do on! Gain 5 kg jumps on dumbells, how long you ’ re working every body part every other if! That works lot for the hanging leg raises did workout a and how much time do you know to. More information this dumbbell arm exercises to build muscle using your routine, ’! Trading out my bodyweight program here: https: //www.howtobeast.com/effective-weight-loss-men/, Gon na start this.! Stick with this kind of program understand most of the exercises one another. From the ‘ downloads ’ section of the dumbbells are a phenomenal training tool for increasing strength... Good couple months non-stop and i ’ ve started week before 3 difficulty,! Lean forward at the most essential aspect you need to lost weight before attempting to gain mass and weight?! To push the weights you ’ ll admit that lunges are not somethings i enjoy,... Better and for what reasons, or only between each set or between! A minor back injury and your YouTube videos, i am considering switching to this routine help me enough. Fat as-well-as concentrate on getting bigger workout as it strengthens your arm quickly asked a similar question to,! Dont eat enough food to gain weight arms with just dumbbells full day rest...

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